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What we do 

The Whitehill & Bordon Community Trust or WBCT is a registered charity set up in October 2018 to develop alongside the regeneration of Whitehill & Bordon.

WBCT works in partnership with residents, community organisations and local authorities to create bespoke community events, projects and facilities for the benefit of the whole community.


Upcoming Events

  • Afternoon Cinema: Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris
    04 Apr, 14:30
    Bordon, Bordon GU35 0LR, UK
    In 1957 London, resident Mrs Harris (Lesley Manville) who is a lonely war widow and humble cleaning lady who is living hand-to-mouth existence.
  • The Cube's Comedy Club @ The Shed
    06 Apr, 20:00
    The Cube, Sergeants Yard, Bordon GU35 0DJ, UK
    Aprils comedy club continue where our other left off – offering up some of the best stand up comedians on the UK stand up circuit today.
  • Charlie Baker: 24 Hour Pasty People
    14 Apr, 20:00
    Bordon, Bordon GU35 0LR, UK
    Wasson? Award-winning comedian, tap dancer and Talksport radio host Charlie Baker brings an hour of 'genuinely funny ★★★★' (The Herald) stand-up drenched in manure, cider and clotted cream to your village/town/cattle market. Comedy with a countryside accent. Imagine Jethro and Jack Black had a son.
  • Ollie West & The Wildflowers
    15 Apr, 19:30
    Bordon, Bordon GU35 0LR, UK
    Local pianist and singer-songwriter Ollie West is back on the road with The Wildflowers this April, with shows celebrating their new music.
  • Phoenix Cinema: Avatar: The Way of the Water
    26 Apr, 19:30
    Bordon, Bordon GU35 0LR, UK
    Following on from the record-breaking Avatar (2009), the story continues as Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) lives with his newfound family formed on the extrasolar moon Pandora.
  • Just Cool Cinema @ The Cube: Enter The Dragon
    27 Apr, 20:00
    The Cube, Sergeants Yard, Bordon GU35 0DJ, UK
    Join us for the next instalment of our Just Cool Cinema series, where you get to see a classic film whilst enjoying a delicious meal!
  • Laika The Space Dog
    Sat, 29 Apr
    The Playground
    29 Apr, 14:30
    The Playground, Bordon GU35 0LR, UK
    Laika is a stray dog on the streets of Moscow. She is selected by the Space Agency to be trained up for the Sputnik 2 space mission and will become the first animal to orbit Earth. Her training is rigorous and with the help of her friend from the Sputnik Canine Support team, Laika prepares to blast
  • When They Go Low
    Sun, 30 Apr
    30 Apr, 19:30
    Bordon, Bordon GU35 0LR, UK
    Social media goes into a frenzy over pictures of Sarah at a party on the weekend – no one knows quite what she got up to.
  • Afternoon Cinema: The Road Dance (15)
    02 May, 14:30
    Bordon, Bordon GU35 0LR, UK
    The Road Dance is a heartfelt, nostalgic film with traditional storytelling.
  • Emmanuel Sonubi: Emancipated
    03 May, 19:30
    Bordon, Bordon GU35 0LR, UK
    Born and raised in North London, Sonubi’s Edinburgh Comedy Award nominated show ‘Emancipated’ covers his time as a doorman in some of the scariest clubs in London, his career in Musical Theatre and life as a parent to two young children.
  • Ålesund & Megan Dixon Hood
    12 May, 20:00
    Bordon, Bordon GU35 0LR, UK
    Ålesund & Megan Dixon Hood come to The Phoenix Theatre
  • Learn the Art of the Tease - Burlesque workshop with Hundred Watt Club!
    13 May, 16:00
    Bordon, Bordon GU35 0LR, UK
    Hundred Watt Club are pleased as punch to announce a glorious workshop to introduce you to the wonderful world of burlesque!
  • Hundred Watt Club – An Evening Of Burlesque & Vaudeville
    13 May, 20:00
    Bordon, Bordon GU35 0LR, UK
    The risqué, rauchy & ridiculous people of Hundred Watt Club return with another glittering and glorious evening of burlesque, vaudeville & comedy!
  • Mark Harrison with Charles Benfield
    20 May, 20:00
    Bordon, Bordon GU35 0LR, UK
    Acclaimed national touring artist Mark Harrison brings his unique music back to The Phoenix.
  • Phoenix Cinema: I Wanna Dance with Somebody (12A)
    24 May, 19:30
    Bordon, Bordon GU35 0LR, UK
    From New Jersey choir girl to one of the best-selling and most awarded recording artists of all time, audiences are taken on an inspirational and poignant journey through Houston’s trailblazing life and career.
  • Journey to the Stars!
    Tue, 30 May
    30 May, 14:30
    Bordon, Bordon GU35 0LR, UK
    Put on your spacesuit, check co-ordinates and fire up your engines… it’s time to go on a Journey to the Stars!