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Baby and Toddler Reflexology with Little Bird Reflexology

Baby and toddler reflexology course at The Beehive.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy for all ages and a great skill to add to your parenting tool box. Reflexology is a massage done through the feet, it stimulates reflex points which are linked to all parts of the body and nervous system.

6 week courses are held at The Beehive each term for various age ranges. We cover a number of different topics over the course such as sleep, digestive issues, teething, immune boost. As well as age specific topics such as reflux for babies and managing emotions for toddlers. Each week you will receive a handout with the reflexology routine to take home, in the last session you will receive the beautiful Mouse’s House storybook.

Within the sessions the parent’s wellbeing is just as important and we have time for a chat and then finish with relaxation. Week 6 we look at a relaxing hand reflexology routine just for the parent.

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