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Cafe 1759

Café 1759 have been closed during the coronavirus lockdown but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy! They have been running a hot meal project to provide meals for children who would normally receive a free hot meal. Café 1759 have given us an update on the project and how many meals they’ve made so far.

‘Although Café 1759 hasn’t been open for business they have been busy working behind the scenes during the Coronavirus Lockdown. As lockdown began kitchen staff started producing a meal service for NHS staff and key workers in the area. However, they soon realised that they were mostly being well looked after in their places of work. So, Susi Drummond, Community Development Officer, Radian approached local Primary Schools and nurseries to ask if any of their school community would benefit from receiving free hot kids meals. Hot school lunches are provided free to all children aged 4-7yrs and these meals continue up to age 11yr for children from low income families. As schools are currently closed (except for those children with key worker parents), there are no hot meals being provided. Three Primary Schools and one Pre-school wanted to take part in Café 1759’s hot meal project.

Miss Sarah Allen, Science Co-Ordinator, Bordon Junior School said “That is fantastic, thank you so much! It’s going to make such a difference for those children.”

Since mid-April, shortly after Lockdown began, Café 1759 has produced over 1500 kids meals which has supported around 45 local families. Funding for this project has been provided by The Community Development Trust, EHDC Healthy New Towns and Radian. The project will continue until the Summer term finishes in mid-July delivering another 700 meals.’

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